About My Story Book

Architect, urbanist, I also like to escape into the fascinating world of books and writing. The marvelous world opens the windows of the soul on unconditional pleasures.
The birth of my children revived my desire to write it. Their arrival to the world inspired me with texts more or less finished that would look rather like poetry, prose, rhymes that I have not absolutely sought. From my daily life with them, our outings, our games, from these simple moments shared, I kept a file of notebooks, papers and even bits of towels in blooming cafes blackened with writing more or less neat, more or less scratched. Hasty but sincere. A brick has bracketed papers that mingle and intertwine in the bottom of my drawers to sink into oblivion.
When my eldest son Kinane was 10 years old, I wanted to offer him an original gift: a small book that bears his name with the texts he inspired … so I revisited a few lines, added illustrations … and now Was naturally born my first bunch of little books, first for Kinane then for his brother Rakan and his sister Orjwan, before realizing that they could be offered to many other children. Many mums, dads, uncles, aunts, grandparents would meet and recognize each other, so I decided to give them a second life with you.

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